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Climate Risk Calculator

Climate change mitigation is critical for humankind's future and the well-being of planet Earth. Simultaneously, we must adapt to the inevitable changes in our climate.

Climate Change Risk
Heavy Rain
Storm Damage

Build resilience to physical climate risks

Due to climate change, flooding, heat stress, wildfires, storms and rainfalls become stronger and more frequent. For many businesses, it is critical (and soon mandatory) to identify, quantify and build resilience to these acute and chronic physical climate risks.

The Climate Risk Intelligence Platform

Climatrix is the digital platform to quantify and report physical climate risks in the financing, insurance, and real estate businesses in Europe, aligned with EU Taxonomy requirements (see our Taxonomy Guide).

Climatrix Provides Industry Specific Solutions


Insurers must calculate the risks of physical hazards (flood, storm, heatwave, fire, etc.) to insured assets in different climate scenarios.

Real Estate

Real estate owners and investors are mandated to assess physical climate risks during new investments, asset management and in their reporting as required by EU Taxonomy.


Financial institutes face a need to add climate risks into their credit risk models in order to do stress-testing and to build resilience to alternative future climate scenarios.


Manufacturing businesses want to ensure their long-term business resilience in a rapidly changing climate by quantifying the physical climate risks for their assets.

Climate Risk Regulatory Compliance

Climatrix aligns with leading industry standards, including the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the European Union Taxonomy Compass, ensuring your climate risk reports meet robust compliance requirements.

eu taxonomy compass

Climatrix Focuses on Physical Risks

Physical risks can result in property damage, business disruption, increased insurance and other costs, supply chain disruptions, and potential loss of asset value.

Transitional Risks

Policy and Legal

Physical Risks



Source: TCFD Report by The Financial Stability Board

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