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Climate Risk Calculator

Climatrix calculates the risks of flooding, heat stress, wildfire, rain, wind and other physical climate hazards as defined in European Union Taxonomy. Climatrix provides risk scores and financial Values-at-Risk for different climate scenarios, timeframes and locations.


What is the Climate Risk of Your Whole Asset Portfolio?

Analyze the whole portfolio of buildings, critical infrastructure, insurances or any other physical assets. See risk scores in map and list views. Identify the assets with highest risks. Separately for different timeframes, climate scenarios and risk categories.

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Drill Down to an Individual Asset

Get a detailed risk analysis of an individual asset, with high spatial granularity. Gain insights on why an asset scores high or low risk.

Understand the Financial Impact (Climate Value-at-Risk) and Plan the Mitigation Efforts

Get the financial Value-at-Risk (CVaR) for each asset, risk category, timeframe and climate scenario. Compare potential damages and costs with the price of potential risk mitigation measures, such as improving flood resilience, or renovating the HVAC of a building. See the trend, draw conclusions, plan long-term maintenance. Hazard-specific damage functions, such as deph-damage functions are applied.

What Makes Climatrix Unique?

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The most detailed data in Nordic countries

Climatrix integrates multiple climate models for regional accuracy, using CMIP6 for global coverage and CORDEX for Europe. It enhances local precision through models from Finland's and Sweden's meteorological and environmental institutes.

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Location intelligence

By using exact locations of the assets and highly advanced location intelligence algorithms Climatrix generates risk values of very high spatial granularity.

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Infographic, API and EU Taxonomy compliance

Visually engaging infographics help to identify pain points and draw conclusions.

Integrate risk scores with corporate ERP & ESG processes. Share with relevant stakeholders and comply with the requirements of TCFD and EU Taxonomy (see our Taxonomy Guide).

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