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Solutions for Insurance, Real Estate, Financing, and Manufacturing


Insurance Solutions

Insurers must calculate the risks of hazards (flood, storm, heatwave, fire, etc.) to insured assets. This is important in pricing the products, and in preventing incidents.

The insurance sector has long traditions and advanced analytical skills in risk quantification, based on historical data of incidents and claims.

With Climatrix they can:

  • Add climate risk as a quantified factor in their risk models - for different climate scenarios, time frames, and locations.

  • Drill down to individual hazards, and projected change in their probability and strength.

  • Drill down to vulnerability and exposure of assets to different hazards.

  • Run simulations and stress tests.

  • Gain insights into new, parameterized insurance products and their pricing.

Real Estate Solutions

Real estate owners and investors are mandated to assess physical climate risks during new investments, asset management and in their reporting as required by EU taxonomy.

In addition, ESG certification has a positive impact on property values.

With Climatrix they can:

  • Calculate the risk of climate hazards for different scenarios, time frames, and locations.

  • Turn verbal risk analyses into comparable numbers, such as financial Climate Value-at-Risk (CVaR).

  • Screen the exposure of your entire asset portfolio.

  • Drill down to vulnerability and financial impact on asset level.

  • Gain new insights e.g. change in heating & cooling costs.

  • Report the most material climate risks and related mitigation plans as required by EU Taxonomy (see our Taxonomy Guide).

  • Automate GRESB and BREEAM compliant sustainability reporting and certification.

Financing Solutions

Financial institutes face a need to add climate-related risks into their credit risk models. They must quantify the impact of climate change for potential losses in their credit portfolio and for their overall financial stability.

With Climatrix they can:

  • Add climate risks into their credit risk models.

  • Identify potential losses in the value of real estate and other physical asset holdings.

  • Quantify risks for loan defaults due to extreme weather events.

  • Detect high-carbon assets prone to loss of value.

  • Run simulations and stress tests.

  • Meet climate-related financial disclosure (e.g. TCFD) needs.

Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing businesses want to ensure their long-term business resilience by identifying risks for production processes, facilities and supply chains in a rapidly changing climate.

With Climatrix they can:

  • Locate the physical risks that can impact supply chains, disrupt production processes, and result in damage to manufacturing facilities (factories, warehouses, offices).

  • Analyze risks from portfolio level down to individual assets.

  • Gain insights, such as potential investments in optimal locations, resilient infrastructure, and supply chains.

  • Integrate climate risks (physical and transitional) into corporate-level risk management processes.

  • Run simulations and stress tests.

  • Meet regulatory ESG and CSR reporting requirements.

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