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New flooding analysis available in Climatrix!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

When, where, how severely and how likely will coastal and fluvial floods threaten your assets in long-term?

Managing the long-term risk of flooding is not simple. In insurance, real estate and financing business it is important to know the likelihood and severity of potential flooding for each asset, for different time-frames and climate scenarios. It is even more important to quantify the financial risk it poses.

Climatrix has developed algorithms to calculate risk scores (0-5) and financial Values-at-Risk (CVaR) for each asset, based on its location and vulnerability to flooding. Climatrix uses the latest and the most accurate flooding scenarios, such as SYKE flood models of Finland, as well as information about structural flood resilience of buildings.

Check out this video from Climatrix app. If you want to know more, or to try it out for Flooding, Heat Stress, Rain or Wind analysis, please contact us.



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